support of older OSes (e.g. Mojave, still supported by Apple)

For Installation I need to have macOS 11… but I still use 10.14 Mojave, because I still need 32Bit Support. Where it is, the download of the last Version which supports Mojave?

All only want to update to the last OS level… but this is not the best! The last good known was: El Capitan! Since then no OS was “better”, the same or more errors inside and the solution from the care-Team: please do update…
I done this on a different machine for testing… always it was not better!

So, please, when I agree to have not the last feature-set but the product as it is… please give it a chance. Please offer a point to download Versions before the last last.

I agree backwards compatibility is very important. I noticed this on iOS as well: Vectornator tends to require a somewhat recent version. Would be great if this wasn’t the case, since you may not want to needlessly update for a number of possible reasons:

  • other apps not being supported on newer OS or some features or some UI failing
  • reduced battery life on newer OS
  • workflow stability (you know the issues with the current version you’re already using)
  • severe issues with newer OS version (like dropped calls)
  • compatibility between multiple devices (e.g. backing up on itunes of an older macOS)
    Newer isn’t always better.

Also, besides the iOS, I am still using High Sierra and I absolutely won’t be able to update in any foreseeable time, since it would indeed obliterate my workflow on quite a number of issues from the list I mentioned.

Super concordo, nem sempre estamos com equipamentos novos e atualizados. Vejo essa possibilidade como fundamental.