Stroke is straight when app stutters

If the file is particularly complex, such as a lot of pressure sensitive strokes, using the brush tool any further causes the app to stutter at the beginning of the stroke. This is understandable and normally OK.

However, during that time, the path of the pen is not recorded, so it will draw a straight line directly from the point of origin to wherever the pen is when the app catches up. This is particularly visible on a mid-tier device where it doesn’t take much for the performance to be lost, especially on power-saving mode.

It makes it impossible to place the strokes correctly, as the first length of the line will be incorrectly straight. The attached video shows me trying to draw circles with the issue present.

Hi @Aryzen first of all, welcome to the Linearity Community! Thank you for sharing a detailed feedback of your problem. We’re now on it!

We believe this might be performance related indeed and the team will be doing further internal investigations and improvements swiftly.

Thank you!

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