STOP UPDATING VECTORNATOR; it is getting worse!!

Actually I am mad, I can’t work at ease using Vectornator; because it is getting so annoying:angry:

When u update vectornator, u can see this:

And there is no performance improvement🙄.

First: I can’t move objects with two touches, and this is really annoying, useless and unnecessary😒.

Second: Action bar is disappeared, and this makes using Vectornator harder… I actually don’t know how that is helpful!
If I wanted to delete, cut, copy, paste, I have to open the list, I have to open the list for a thousand time…

Third: I mentioned this note before
If I want to export more than an artboard, I have to do this steps every time. I was doing that since the last versions (I mean the versions that have performance improvement :wink:).

Fourth: There is something wrong with tools shortcut. I don’t know what is it, but it is not comfortable to use.

Finally, If you think this updates is useful -I don’t think that :eyes:-, just add control tools in settings.
And if you are not going to fix this problems, provide me with an older version of Vectornator.


I see your point but… mabby say it a wee bit nicer

I realized that, so I used emojis :slightly_smiling_face:.

Agree, but with a smile😅 Please get the actionbar back

Ditto on the first and third. Please revert to the old action bar, tapping twice to delete a node on the vector is quite a hassle. (Though I do work around by selecting multiple nodes now)

Also +1 to exporting multiple artboards. Sometimes I have 30+ artboards in one document, and repeating this 30 times just to send my files from my iPad to Macbook is too much effort.

Hey @n4bi,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We are doing our best to improve our tool, add functionality our community is requesting and solve issues. You may not notice some of these fixes, but we can assure you that they are included in these updates.

  • you can move objects with only one touch, the main point is to have the Selection tool enabled (you had the Shape tool enabled in the video)
  • Thanks for the feedback, have already shared it with the team. We will continue to work on improving the Action bar
  • At the moment you can only include all artboards when exporting a PDF. Hope your post gets more votes and will be added to our roadmap :crossed_fingers:
  • We would love to hear more propositions from your side to improve Quick Actions for you. Please feel free to post them here → Ideas & Feedback - Vectornator Community.

Unfortunately we can’t provide you with an older version of Vectornator, 4.7.1 is the only version that can be installed.

haa… the updates are what got me stopped using Vectornator a year ago (which is a shame, because it was also Vectornator which got me into vector drawing). Today I tried to man up and open it to draw, and see that I have to open a menu just to deselect all or delete. Please no.

I’d like an older version too. One from 1.5 years ago :frowning:

For now, getting back the bar would do. For a drawing app which doesn’t have fullscreen/no button mode, it sure loves to hide things.

About the first point, I can only move them from one touch, unlike the previous version, I could move with two touches.
I chose the shape tool so I can show you.
This is a video with selection tool :

Hey @n4bi, would you mind sharing your device type and OS details with us so we can investigate this further?


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I have iPhone 11
With iOS 15.4.1

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