Spinning wheel of death

After performing any action i get the spinning wheel for at least 30 seconds before anything happens or I can do anything else. Since latest update.

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Hi @maz42 thank you for flagging the issue. We have pushed out 5.0.2 just recently to prevent Beta OS related crashes.

However, for us to take a deeper look, are you able to let us know which device, OS and Linearity Curve version you are on? Does this happen with any documents or every time you open the application?

Thank you!

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This happens to me most often when Iā€™m working on a lot of different objects at once. For example, if I have created a whole bunch of spots on something, and then I select them all, and then I try to scale all of them at once, it takes a long time. When every single thing is taking a long time, it usually helps to quit the program and reopen it.