Single Node Corner radius

How do i change the corner radius of only a single node? I create a shape, then select the node tool and the corner i want to adjust, but when i adjust the corner radius it is changing all of the corners instead of just the corner i selected.

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Unfortunately there is a bug in current version (5.0.2) where corner radius affects all corners regardless of selection. Workaround would be use scissors tool to separate the corners you want to round and join path after.

No worries though as the dev team is aware of the issue and supposedly going to be fixed in 5.1.0

Source: Another thread (hyperlinked)

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Hi @Wonderbread thank you for flagging the issue and welcome to Linearity Community!

We are aware of this issue with the 5.0.2 and I can confirm that the fix is already on its way with 5.1.0. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I appreciate your team’s activity on the forums –

I just want to point out that this issue hasn’t been fixed with 5.1.0 on iPad. It’s seemingly random, when selecting a node, that the software will choose to edit the corner radius of all nodes on the shape or just the one selected. This is particularly frustrating as I primarily design fonts and logos.

Another issue I’m experiencing is that occasionally the corner radius option is simply absent from the Style menu.

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Hi Julian! Thank you for the update. I can now confirm that yet another improvement is currently on its way for this. We are thinking this should go live within the next release or so.

Thank you for your patience!

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