Shapes become uneditable

When creating shapes, they sometimes become uneditable. You can try to change parts of the shape but no option exists to do so. This is what I would call, the most buggiest app to exist. macOS is the most buggy operating system and Vectornator is the most buggy app. I love this app so much but there are just too many bugs to make it usable at this present time. I would love to see these issues fixed in the near future.

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Hi @TheLostProgrammer I agree with you. Vectornator has much bugs. Often I must close and reopen the app cause of bugs. But in the past it was worse so much bugs have been fixed.

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Hey folks,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. It’s very important for us as it helps us to improve. We’re doing our best to get rid of all pesky bugs but still some may slip our attention. We would be very grateful to get some additional information about the issues you’re experiencing. Any videos, steps to reproduce, details about your environment (device, OS version and app version) might be very helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.