Setting grid spacing in cm (macOS)

In the macOS version of Linearity Curve, how do I set dimensions to appear in cm, including for Grid lines?

I already created a custom canvas size of 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (which corresponds to 8.5 in x 11 in), ad the top and left-hand rules are calibrated in units of cm. But the Grid lines are not! How do I space those grid lines to be at distances of cm, too?

Note that I did already use the View > Grid Settings item to specify (perpendicular) spacing of 1 cm, but that is not what the grid spacing turns out to be when I use View > Show Grid. And, in fact, when I check again, the Grid Settings has been changed to Spacing 1806 cm. Something’s very wrong!

Hey @murray , the grid units should match the document’s measurement unit, so if your document is set to inches, the grid will automatically display in inches as well. You can go to View > Units and check that centimeters are selected. Did this help resolve the problem?

But that is NOT what the controls in Tools > Grid Settings seem to allow, where one can choose the spacing as a number with units. And, in fact as I added to my forum post, the dimensions of the custom paper ARE already in cm (namely, 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm).

Moreover, View > Unts DOES have Centimeters selected.

Yet, after I uncheck View > Show Grid, no matter what number or units I enter in View > Grid Settings, when I then check View > Show Grid, there is no visible grid – because, I presume, when I look again at View > Grid Settings, the Spacing now displays as 1806 cm.

I am a very experienced computer user, a programmer, and beta tester for some significant software. So unless I am misunderstanding the app’s user interface and unless you are misunderstanding what I asked, this seems definitely to be a really nasty BUG!

I absolutely, positively need that grid to be in cm.

Hey @murray, I wasn’t able to 100% reproduce your case, but it seems like it’s related to the issue we discussed in another topic.

If by chance you can share a screen recording, I will add this to the bug report. Thank you for your collaboration.