Set Click-Through Mode Permanently


When using the Selection Tool, you could set the Click-Through mode to click on an object inside a group.

If you then do something else like go to the Node Tool to work on the object, then go back to the Selection Tool again, you have to set the Click-Through mode again.

Is there a way to make that a permanent choice?

I know you can double tap on the object and it’ll enter isolation mode, but it is not quite the same.


In the 4.8 blog post ', it mentions holding down the command key before you make the selection to activate Click-Through mode, but that doesn’t work for groups even though the blog post said it would.

I noticed that in the Selection Tool, you could set the Duplicate Mode and it will remain on, but not the Multi-Select nor the Click-Through.

I have tried various combinations of key press thinking there might be an error in the blog post but nothing works so far. The key is not mentioned in the docs, so maybe this has not been implemented.

I was going to use nested groups to help organize objects, but this issue, boolean operations not working, and issue in dark mode had me revert back to flat layers at the top layer for now.

Hey there @st11x,

Thank you for bringing the Command Key bug to our attention, I’ve logged the issue with the team to look into!

It is not currently possible to set Click-Through Mode as a permanent choice, however, your suggestion to do so has been recorded and will be sent to the relevant team for consideration.

As soon as I have any updates to offer regarding the bug, I’ll post here in the thread :slight_smile:


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Thanks. If it can be toggled via the keyboard like the blog suggests, then it can be very useful too.

The command key now works with the latest update today. Thanks for making the update!