Scale+duplicate doesn’t work on iPad mini 5

I cannot get scale+duplicate to work on my iPad mini 5. iOS is fully updated. Rotate+duplicate does work.
I click on the select tool, then the scale tool. Three buttons activate: duplicate, rotate and scale. If I turn on duplicate and rotate then it duplicates as the selection is rotated. If I turn on duplicate and scale it doesn’t duplicate.

Hey @DrDaddio , we’re truly sorry for the hassle caused by this bug. The team is already on it, though! They’re aware of the issue and working on it. Stay tuned for updates—I’ll make sure to keep posted once I have more info.

Hey @DrDaddio Good news - we’ve tackled the issue you mentioned with scale and duplicate not functioning as expected. We recommend updating your Linearity Curve to the latest version 5.3.1. This update should smooth things out for you. Once updated, feel free let me know if everything’s working smoothly now.