Retroactive changes to the subscription?

Okay, so first you make a subscription model. That’s fine.

… and then? You limit certain file exports, and the number of artboards we can use. That’s iffy.

And now you decide to just paywall exports entirely? Are you serious?
You’re ruining the entire point of a graphic design app. What do you want us to do, take screenshots of the artboards? Or are you gonna be threatened by that and make the entire app paid?

I believe these changes are not gonna make people subscribe. Which probs sounds converse to you, but let’s face it: retroactive changes ruins trust. People are gonna think you’ll do this again and again. Maybe you’ll raise the price, maybe you’ll just remove important features, maybe you’ll neglect your own apps. All without prior notice.

As a customer I ask you to stop. Please revert the changes because they make me want to subscribe less. I don’t want to support people who are no better than Adobe. And if you don’t listen to your users, I’ll gladly drop your stuff and go look for something else to create art.

Thank YOU

So, several years ago I downloaded a free app called vectornator. There was no mention of it becoming a chargeable product in the future. I spent time learning the basics of how to use it. I literally used it to create some text, sometimes with an outline. Nothing fancy. I would export this as an SVG and upload it to Gran Turismo to use as a decal for my car designs. Often I would need to run it through a free SVG file size reduction program first.

Then, a couple of years later it changes to Linearity curve, again still free. And then you decided to make it a chargeable program using a subscription model. Considering I might create between 0 and 15 decals in a typical month it is not worth me paying the price you charge for the service. If I was using it for business use and doing anything technical then it may have been worth paying for, but not for a few text images.

You said we could use it free as long as we didn’t have over 5 designs saved. Fine, I don’t need any to be saved. Then, that was reduced to 3 saves. Again, no problem. Then we were unable to export files as SVG. Fine, I will export as PNG and convert to SVG in other free software.

And today I wanted to create a simple text logo to upload to my GT7 account. And I see that I am unable to export anything without paying a subscription. This is absolutely disgraceful, as I only originally started using the software as it was advertised as being free in the first place.

So, I simply created the simple text decal that I needed in Inkscape which is completely free and not absolutely full of bugs like Curve is. It only took a quick web search to find out how to do what I needed. I was only using Curve as I was familiar with it but now I see how much better other products are I will start using them. Inkscape will always be free.

I believe that your greed, and the terrible way that you have treated your users recently will lead to your downfall. Unfortunately you deserve everything that you get.

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Yeah. I don’t really have a problem with the changes. What’s messed up is that there was no prior warning. Like okay, we can’t export as svg anymore, but the fact that they don’t tell us beforehand so we can prepare? That’s the most messed up part


They don’t even realize that their software isn’t even worth paying for. You can tell they are in panic mode. Literally any design app out there is better than their buggy mess (Affinity, Adobe, Amadine…). to me this is clearly not the same team that was driving old Vectornator. If you had any bit of hope left, now you got your answer, time to move on to other apps.

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