Problems about Linearity pro

Dear Linearity,
I’ve been a Vectornator-Curve user since 2020. You made some great changes to Curve. But today I want to complain about the Linerity Pro, what limited me from exporting my creations as pdf and svg as before.
You create a strong app. And I know that making a non-profit app is difficult. But pay for pro every month or every year for export my creations as pdf and svg, and some functions I don’t need, I think it make no sense.
I hope that I could pay once and get some of the functions, instead of paying periodically. Such as pay 2 dollar to unlock forever and unlimited pdf export, pay 2 dollar to unlock forever and unlimited svg export, pay 2 dollar to…For some advanced functions, I think paying periodically is acceptable.
I hope you could bring some changes to it as what you made before. And I’m looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile:

In addition, I only use Curve for vector picture creating. Maybe picture creating and animate creating can be divided