Preserve the same dimensions when resizing

When I add a square (for example) I can’t keep the same dimensions when resizing it again

Hey @n4bi,

Thanks for contacting us and reporting this issue.
I have already passed all the information on to the team. We will be working on solving it! Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can switch to the Selection tool and then, holding a second finger on the canvas, resize the object to keep the shape’s height and width at the same ratio. This should help.



Same problem with pictures

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Hey @OC3,

Thanks for sharing this feedback.
Please feel free to add these improvement ideas to the Ideas&Feedback category. Your post will be visible for others and it gets votes and will be implemented in future updates.

In the meantime, I can suggest a workaround. You can outline strokes to keep their proportions when resizing. Visit this page for more info about this feature: Paths | Vectornator Learn iPad



Thank you! I tried outlining the stroke and it does keep it’s proportion when resizing.
(btw, I deleted my question bc I reposted it in Ideas&Feedback section, didn’t want to be redundant)