Open / edit .cdr, .dxf, and .eps files

Support for additional vector formats, specifically .cdr, .dxf, and .eps files in addition to svg and ai. Most of my work is done in CorelDraw and CAD software, so this would enable me to open them from Dropbox without having to open on my PC and export to svg or ai.

Please it would be awesome if a Vectornator open PSD files
Please let this be in the app
We really want it so bad
And thanks

Hi guys!
We’re evaluating the possibility of supporting more file formats within Vectornator and we’d love to get your input through this Typeform survey: PSD file support, if you have time and you want to share your thoughts with us it would be amazing :slight_smile:

Please keep in touch.

VN Team


I use an online converter at the moment, Convertio.

I convert to svg, as that is the format I will ultimately save to. Often when I import the svg file in Vectornator to edit it, it is impossible to separate or edit the paths. I have resorted to editing the raw svg file before importing, it seems to be grouping that causes the issue.

Convertio has many file formats available. Is there a better format than svg for importing and editing in Vectornator?

The files I convert are cdr and eps, thanks :slight_smile:

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