Measure length of curved path

In AI, there is a way to select the path between two points, and AI tells you the exact length of that line/path in your chosen unit. This would be an enormous time saver for seamstresses. I use vector software to create printable sewing patterns, where the measurements must be precise for two pieces of fabric to line up correctly. One tricky example is the rounded armhole. I need to know the length of a curved armhole, and then the top of the sleeve must be the same length for the sleeve to match the armhole of a shirt. Currently, I have to create a 1/2-inch line and duplicate it over and over around the curve to estimate its length. It takes SO LONG to do this. Being able to simply select a curve and be told its length would be a major time saver.

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I would like to have this feature as well. This would allow proper external measurements so that in pattern creation we would be able to maintain scale of items, especially when printing out patterns.

length of curves and diagonals would be huge time saver. it also needs a live measurement tool for when working in straight lines.

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I second this. Been wanting to start making patterns on my iPad but tools and apps are limited. I think if Vectornator added these measuring features it would be immensely useful and more seamstresses/designers would move to iPad imo.

Hello Vectornator Team
Fully agree here :wave:
First off all: I love using Vectornator due to its intuitive application.
I can only use Vectornator up to the point when measurements need to be done. As „workaround“ I am jumping with the design to Inkscape and measure all the stuff I need. That feature would enhance the App for a lot of pattern makers. Same goes for „Offset Path“ function in mm/inch (not only pt as it is now).

Thanks in advance

I agree!! This would be so helpful to have. I support this and would love to see it in future updates.