Masking - why does it not work?

Hello together,
I watched this video [ Vectornator - Masking Type - YouTube ] because I wanted to create a texture to use as a fill for my design.
This is how I proceeded:

  1. drew the texture with lines on a layer A.
  2. converted the lines into contours / areas.
  3. created a new layer B on top of it and put the contour of the mask on it
  4. selected everything and tapped on the masking symbol under Path.
    Unfortunately, the result is that only one complete line of layer A is visible.

What do I have to change?

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Hi @sn00py I think it don’t work cause of a bug of current version (Vectornator 4.6.2). Take a look at this Post. I am so sorry for your issue.

thank you for the quick reply
any thoughts when you might be able to resolve this issue?

Sorry but I am not a developer of Vectornator. Anyway the Vectornator Team know this bug and I am sure they will fix it soon.

Hi @sn00py,

We recently released an update 4.6.3 with fixes. May I ask to update the app and check it for us? Hope this problem will no longer bother you.

If you still experience any issues, can we ask you to provide a video so that we can try to reproduce it by following the same steps? You can upload it to and share the link with us.

For more information about the Mask feature, visit this page: Options | Vectornator Learn iPad