List view / scalable grid view in the starting screen dashboard

As much as I like the command center functionality of the starting screen, it is also quite useless in some cases. Those things need to improve and be added in the near future:

  • list view of the projects and documents: as we name our docs as followed: DATE_CLIENT_PROJECT_TITLE_VERSION.suffix the core of the naming is never shown. We need to guess what file is what. I bet, we are not the only once who work like a responsible creative who care about a good naming structure :wink:
  • better indicator which file is from which app, the color icon is not enough. Maybe a simple TAG [CURVE] and [MOVE] would help
  • if the gallery view is the default for a longer period, at least let the names of the files break to the next line.
  • once a project is nested in a folder, one can not take it out and move elsewhere. please add a MOVE TO feature to the menu

What do you think? Did I miss something? Any other ideas for the strating screen? Let me know.