Latest Update 4.9.0 not working on older Macs

I love Vectornator, and I’d love it even more if would be able to use this new feature of illustration mode, in the recent update 4.9.0.

The problem is that my Mac is the mid 2014 15", which is not an M1 chip… and apparently this feature only works if it were to have an M1 chip or later.:grimacing:
So when I updated the Vectornator app on my Mac, the UI didn’t change at all (it doesn’t give me the option for illustration mode), except for when selecting the autotrace icon on the menu bar, it gives me the list of three options and when I click on the illustration mode the app crashes, and after a few min after clicking on the screen it traced it in photography mode.

If this can please be arranged to be available for users like myself, that would be awesome :pray:

Hi there @Shazak,

Thanks for providing your feedback!

I can entirely understand your disappointment toward not being eligible for this latest feature. Unfortunately older models have been deemed unequipped to support the processing power that Illustration Mode demands. If this changes in the future, I will be sure to update here within this thread, however, for the time being this tool will remain unavailable.

Apologies again,