(iPad) Unable to change guide sequence

After I created some guides, I wanted to re-arrange their sequence. But when I tried to drag and drop them, it seems that they can not be re-arranged. Please refer to attached images and assist. Thank you!

Hey @Ric , Thank you for your question. Indeed, the functionality of managing guides is different from that of layers.

Guides are displayed on top of your design to help you follow the structure you defined for your project. However, they do not interfere with your document’s layers and will not be displayed in the exported document.

Here’s an article that explains the details of working with guides. What’s your idea behind rearranging the guides?

Thank you, Nadya. Yes, I understand what guide is. I want to manually arrange guides because I have quite a number of guides in one art board. It will be quite messy and not easy to find a particular guide when drawing. Is there an easy way for us to re-arrange guides?

@Ric currently, you can’t rearrange them. Also, when you finish creating guides, you will have to switch to layers to continue drawing. Therefore, the order of your guides in the guides menu will not be visible to you.

You’ll probably only need to see it if you want to hide some of the guides from the list. In that case I agree that having the arranged list may help you navigate faster. I will make a note of your feedback and let the product team know.

Acknowledged. I understand how guide works. I have checked out the guide usage video, but the way I use guide is different as what was described in the video. I use them to design components of NFT, the guide plays a crucial part to make sure the components do not overlap each other. So I need to know exactly what the guide means while drawing.