Importing a custom library of SVG symbols

What’s the best way to use a specific set of SVG symbols in my diagrams?

Specifically, there are four folders of SVG symbols at Free-to-use Patch Symbols that I’d like to use. Ideally I’d be able to import them as collection. e.g. like the Iconator collection.

Is this possible? If not, what’s the best thing to do?

Hi @dylski and welcome to Vectornator Forum. I am sorry but at moment it is not possible import svg symbol. With the current version you can only use the SF Symbol design by Apple. I think could be a useful future feature. I moved your post in ideas or feedback so if the post will revive many votes maybe we can see soon this feature.

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I’m all about the custom library! But Please include all compatible file types, including other Vectornator files.

This would allow:

  1. Breaking down of complex scenes.
  2. Updating an asset would propagate to all projects that use it (linking)
  3. Re-usability
  4. Give the diagram folks a stronger reason to move over to Vectornator.

Not that it was intended for diagrams, but when you create a great product, it directs itself. :slight_smile:

Maybe make a new app just for diagraming using the same render engine and base code.


Please see this"
I wish to suggest that you implement all of these steps - so that, we could export a drawing as a custom SF Symbol