I cant find my old data from vectornator

I bought vectornator and had a couple of data on it. now as there is this new programm it asks me to purchase the pro version and i cannot find my drawings anymore? I mean… are you serious? 1. I ve already bought this app and 2. give me my artwork back! Please thats reslly not nice what you do. I really enjoyed vectornator but this is not the fine art. So could you please make a suggestion how we proceed?

Hey @user9 , first off, I want to assure you that we value the support of our early users immensely. It’s thanks to users like you that we’ve been able to grow and evolve.

Our move to a subscription model was a decision aimed to continue bringing you new features and improvements to our design software for as long as possible.

No changes or migrations should cause your files to disappear. Could you please check both your device’s local storage and iCloud Drive for your files? You might find them by searching for files with .curve or .vectornator extensions. With the latest update, moving files into the application from local storage is considered creating new files, which could be subject to the limits of the free Starter plan.

Let’s work together to sort this out. Could you drop us an email at support@linearity.io with some details about your situation? We’re here to help find a solution that works for you and gets you back to creating with Linearity.