How to find added fonts with names that start with numbers?

I recently added a font configuration to my phone with the name ‘911 Porscha’, however I’m unable to find it anywhere on the Curve app itself because for some reason there isn’t any category in the font selection menu for special characters/numerals. Is there a workaround I am unaware of? Would appreciate some insight, thanks

Hey @solace , let’s try to get this sorted out!

To start, I’d like to ask a few clarifying questions to better understand the situation:

  1. Did you follow this instructions to install the font onto your device?
  2. After installing the font, did you restart Linearity Curve? Sometimes, a fresh start is all it takes for new fonts to appear.
  3. Have you tried copying the special characters directly from a font management application into Linearity Curve?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

Hi, thanks for replying.

  1. Yes, I have the font saved as a third-party configuration on my phone and am able to view it in settings.
  2. I have restarted the app numerous times since then to no avail.
  3. There are no such ‘special characters’ present in the font name, simply numbers at the start of the file title. This wouldn’t be a problem if not for a category for numerals in the search menu for fonts.
    Am I wrong to say that I am simply unable to use the font due to the fact that it has numbers present at the start of its name which essentially renders it unsearchable? If so, then I believe some consideration should be taken for the developers of the app to add a category for numerals (and possibly other special characters) in the font search menu to prevent further problems of the same root from arising.

Hey @solace ,

on my end, I’ve managed to install and locate this font within the application. I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference. To better assist you and perhaps pinpoint the issue, could you please share your device model, OS version, and the specific version of Linearity Curve you’re using?