How make grid spacing actually 1 cm?

In the macOS version of the app, I creat a new document of dimensions 10 cm wide by 8 cm high and select View > Units to be cm. In View > Grid Settings I select 1 cm. Then I show the grid with View > Show Grid. But the grid spacing is NOT 1 cm x 1 cm. See the screen image below.

In fact, if I go back to View > Grid Settings, the Spacing now shows at 0.71 cm, which is NOT what I set it to be!

What’s wrong and how does one fix it?

My setting:

Linearity Curve ignores my setting, changing it:

The canvas after the grid is displayed:

Hey @murray, I checked this and indeed noticed some annoying behavior. However, I managed to find a workaround. You can select the value you see in the box “0.71”, delete it, and then type “1.00” specifically with the decimals. This allowed me to save the value as desired.

Meanwhile, I will report a bug. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

As the images I included demonstrate, what you say did NOT work! Even after I delete the displayed 0.71 cm and type in its place 1.00 cm, still the displayed grid uses the 0.71 . You can readily see that the light-gray grid lines are spaced at around three-quarters of the 1 cm distance showing on the rulers at the top and left side.

!!! This is a very large BUG@!@@!!!

@murray, I agree it’s an annoying bug, and it has been reported to our team for investigation. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, try pressing Enter after you provide the input, this should help save the desired settings.