How do you move files between folders?

All my files were forcibly migrated to linearity cloud. I agree with the disgust of the other posts on how this was down without warning or consultation but it is what it is…

My question is simple though, how are you supposed to organise the files? I have moved some files to folders but then I can’t move them back out, or into other folders.

At least not in an obvious way, is anyone else having any luck with file/folder management?

Hello stevekiddart, you need to grab a file and move it on top of back button, then select another folder by hovering a mouse (or dragging on top on iOS):

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Many thanks Alexander.

I had tried that but it seemed I didn’t hold it long enough, if I hold for over 5 seconds then it drags the file back to the folder above. This is on the iPad with iPencil.