How do I remove my photo album and photos from Import on Homepage?

I imported all of my photos and images in my pictures folder into the Import → Photo, on the homepage screen, which is not what I wanted to do. How do I remove them all?


Hi there @montserrat,

It’s possible to multi-select and remove files from the Home Screen, here’s how:

Tap Select in the upper right corner → choose all of the files you no longer want in Vectornator → tap the trashcan icon in the lower right corner to delete.

Hope this helps,

Hi @montserrat,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of how things look from your side? Has the importing process resulted in many individual new projects/Vectornator files?

Also yes, uninstalling should result in total deletion of all pre-existing projects and iCloud sync should not be taking place unless you have switched it on from within the application’s preferences.