How do I animate a line stroke?

So I managed to do this, and I have to say, even though it’s a bit tricky, it’s definitely possible! All you have to do is create your shape step by step in Curve, put each step in a separate artboard, and then use the auto-animate function by importing artboards in Move. As for the things you should have in mind when doing so: 1. Do not delete any nodes at any step. Just place them on top of each other. 2. The shape must be an Open Path. 3. Best possible way to do the whole thing is to do it backward! I have attached an image of what your steps should look like. Let me know if you have any problems reproducing the steps or have other questions regarding the matter.

It’s ridiculous. It should be simpler. I’d use AE to do this if it requires this much work. For me to animate the girl I had to adjust the paths in the artboards then import. There’s no way to it in move. I’m sure with updates it’ll be adjusted. But this isn’t time saving.

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Yeah, this is just meant to be workaround till there are better options.