How can I scale text?

Hi, im trying to scale a design with text but everytime i do so the text keeps its size, so if i make the design smaller the text is too big and if i do the design bigger the text is too small, how can i scale and keep the proportions?

Text used to scale correctly when you resized a group, but the problem was that the font size didn’t. This meant that the text sizes within the document were inconsistent with each other (i.e 50px could mean different sizing if you had resized a group containing that text).

To “fix” this, in a May update they changed the behaviour to keep the text sizes the same. This eliminated the font size issue, but meant that scaling a design with text was no longer possible. I sent a lengthy email in response to the issue in June (see extract below), but haven’t heard anything since.

The way I had envisaged this fix to work was that text is resized, but the font size is modified on-the-fly relative to the canvas, which allows everything to act as it did before this change, with the font sizes updating on resize. The attachment […] demonstrates how Illustrator for iPad does it, which I believe is much more intuitive.

TL:DR: You can’t scale text anymore without outlining it.

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And to outline it has to be text box by text box? It doenst let me outline if I select two or more text boxes at the same time

I didnt get how you go around this problem, what do you do so the font sizes updating on resize?

The only workaround is unfortunately to outline each textbox (which makes it no longer text), or fix everything up by hand after resizing.

Hopefully the product team can improve this soon.

Hey all,
We recently released an update with fixes. Now you can resize groups with text objects and keep their size scale when using the Selection “Scale Mode”. Please give it a try and let us know if you still experience the same issue.

Thank you, this is fantastic!

Any chance it could be set as the default mode? (i.e without using scale?). This could be a good candidate for a settings option, seeing as the previous behaviour was around for about a year, and there’s a good chance that some now rely on it.

Hi @llui85,

Setting this as the default is not currently possible unfortunately but I’ll be sure to share this suggestion with the team!

This is great thanks !!!