Halloween Movie Color Palettes πŸ‘»

Are you a horror movie fanatic? :jack_o_lantern::ghost: We have a treat for you.

Stanley Kubrick Lol GIF by Maudit

We created four color palettes inspired by classic Halloween movies, including Beetlejuice, The Shining, Midsommar, and Hocus Pocus. Download them below and don’t be afraid to use them in your design projects.

:beetle: Beetlejuice.swatches|attachment (3.8 KB)
:sparkles:The Shining.swatches|attachment (3.6 KB)
:sunflower: Midsommar.swatches|attachment (3.8 KB)
:magic_wand: Hocus Pocus.swatches|attachment (3.7 KB)

If you need help importing these palettes into Vectornator, follow our guide here.