Font variants not working

Changing font “Type” in MacOS with the dropdown (bold, semibold, black, light, extra light, etc.) doesn’t do anything. I tried with the same font and the same file on iPadOS and it works as expected. Reopened on Mac and the changes were still there.

Hey there @wren,

Apologies for the issue you’re currently experiencing! We’d definitely like to look into this but would require some more information to do so, such as your OS and Vectornator version.

If possible, a screen recording of this incident would also be hugely beneficial as it would help us to determine the exact steps taken and any possible triggering actions.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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Hi Helen,

It’s Vectornator version 4.11.2 (20221109120116)
macOS Big Sur (11.7)

Attached is a screen recording. I have also tested this with other fonts and the same thing happens.

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Thank you for forwarding that additional information @wren :slight_smile:

I have logged a ticket on the matter and will report back with any updates as they become available!



I am having the same issue. MacOS 11.6.1, Vectornator 4.11.3. This bug renders Vectornator totally useless for me.

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Hey there @rocky and @wren,

Hope you’re doing well!

Would you mind confirming whether this issue still persists for you in Vectornator version 4.12.2?


Hi @Helen

For me, even with my Vectornator version being 4.12.2, the font drop down stopped showing which font is currently in use, as well as the “Font Type” dropdown, which doesn’t drop down at all.

(I am using MacOS 11.7.3)

Thanks for letting me know!

It is highly likely that this issue is linked to Big Sur as Vectornator is always optimised for the latest available OS. Is there any chance that you could update your OS to a more recent version?

In the meantime, we’ll continue to look into the matter :slight_smile: