Download appears to work but fails.

When I try to update Vectornator the progress circle finishes, then the circle just spins, but then I get this notice ““Vectornator” could not be installed. Please try again later.” I’ve tried multiple times within the past two weeks with the same results.

Hi there @PaulD,

Would you mind specifying whether this issue is occurring on macOS or iOS?


It’s Mac OS Monterey Version 12.6 - Mac mini (M1,2020).
Vectornator updates are pretty frequent and I never had any problems with the updates until this month.

Hi there @PaulD,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve consulted with the team and unfortunately as this appears to be an App Store related issue, it is out of our control. At this time we can only advise that you reach out to Apple support on the issue.

Apologies that we could not offer more assistance.


Vectornator 4.10.2 installed on my Mac without any problems.

Thanks for the update - delighted to hear that!