Dot mode on iPadOS

Hej Vectornator. I do illustrations where I want lot of dots. I haven’t found a very efficient way of doing this.
I have tried automatisk duplicate with a filled circle, or very short line from the pen. Both feel very inefficient.
Any change of an actual “dot mode” for e.g. the pencil?

By using a dash pattern (dashes of length 0, the spacing needs to be relative to the line width) along with curved end-caps, you can draw a stroke of circles/dots.

You can then convert the dashed stroke to Outline, and Separate, so they are all separate shapes / objects.

You can then move individual dots wherever you want them.

As you’ve already been experimenting with, but included for new users:
With the Duplicate mode, you can also select / duplicate-drag with multiple selected objects. You can also use the “repeat action” to quickly create multiple duplicates.

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Hi @ButlerToCats Thank you for your suggestion. However, this is still a solution that requires to do dotting and them move them.
My suggestion is for a move that would give you the organic work flow of just dotting where you wanted dots.