Default folder for saving (working directory) on OneDrive?


I would like that vectornator files are saved by default in my onedrive folder (I have the onedrive app installed) instead of in the local vectornator folder on my ipad. Both because i would have backup and because I would like to easily continue my work on my desktop computer.

Is that possible?

Not sure if there is any way to set the default folder. Hopefully somebody will jump in with something more definitive.

Sorry, all I can offer is this workaround:

However (and you probably know this already), if you tap on the Share icon > Vectornator > Save to Files, you can select and save to a OneDrive folder.
If you do that again (well, in the same session) it should automatically jump back to save again in the same folder.
So, you can transfer the current session’s files to your desktop with just a little bit of extra work, no worse than saving to OneDrive from a desktop app.

Hi ButlerToCats.

Thank you for the reply. Your solution does work when I want to choose a folder to save (a copy it seems), but after I have saved it to onedrive and then edited the drawing on another device it does not seem like I can open the version on onedrive and work on that copy/version. I have added a picture of the start screen. If onedrive was an option next to iCloud and “On my ipad” I think it would work the way I would like since I could then create a new file directly on OneDrive.