Creating Artboards on Mac. Am I stupid?

I just downloaded Vectornator. Seems really cool and pretty simple to use.
I have used AI and Affinity Designer for awhile. So know my way around Vector software some.
I read the Mac instructions on Vectornator’s site about creating an artboard. Which seems pretty simple, but it is not working for me. I am doing exactly what the instructions state.

  1. Click the Add +
  2. Click “New Artboard” in the drop down.
  3. A little prompt, prompts up stating tap or draw anywhere to create arboard.
  4. That is what I do and nothing happens. I tried doing it with the selection tool, shape tools, line tools, etc. I tried tapping. I tried click and dragging. Literally nothing happens.

I have Big Sur 11.6 and Vectornator 4.5
I am pretty sure they are compatible.

Please help if you can.

Also, I am unable to see rulers too. I figured maybe once a created an artboard, the rulers would then show up and be connected to that artboard. Not sure.


Hey @Bill2200,

Welcome to our community!

I attached a short screen recording to show an example of creating and resizing an artboard. May I ask to check it and let me know if you still experience any issue with creating artboards? Any videos could be very helpful.



Yes that is exactly how I thought it should work. Simple and easy.

I just updated and restarted my computer and now it is working as it should :smile:

It was most likely something on my end I had a few different big projects open from different softwares.

Thank you very much! I have one more question or should I make a new post?

The question is, is there a way to quickly preview fonts while you scroll through them?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a text preview when scrolling fonts, sorry about that.
Please feel free to add this improvement idea to the Ideas&Feedback category. Your post will be visible for others and it gets votes and will be implemented in future.