Command-0 doesn't really zoom to fit....

Good afternoon

The zooming is really awkward in Vectornator…

  1. Command-0 (zoom to fit doesn’t make the drawing area fit:


After Command-0:

  1. Resizing the window doesn’t keep the previous view but is just extended to the right/bottom.



Would be nice or desirable to keep the artboard centered…

Okay…Affinity Designer doesn’t do this as well…but at least the zooming is much better…also the zoom to fit is perfect leaving a margin around the drawing area:

Also when creating a new document Affinity Designer leaves margin around the drawing area whereas Vectornator zooms it to extent.

As you can see creating a new facebook story document (1080x1920 pixels) Vectornator doesn’t even show the whole drawing area:

This zooming so far is the most annoying factor in Vectornator…okay…besides the tab key issue (o;

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I second this! Although I’m a programmer not a designer, it’s not unusual that I need to draw test elements or fix minor details on some image asset. I’m giving Vectornator a shot and this “zoom to fit” action really needs improvement, more than an annoyance, this bug affects my productivity.