CMD + to zoom and centralise selected object in view

On Mac version, when I want to zoom into a selected object, it’s often not centralise. The object is either at the edge or outside of the view (see attached image). I’m not sure what’s the reason, am I missing some shortcut key, it’s a bug or this ability didn’t exist. I’m often lost when I zoom in and out.

I wish there is a shortcut key zoom out and show all artboard, example Command 1. Command 2 to zoom in to the active artboard and reposition the view so that the artboard is in the middle of the view. Command + to zoom in to the selected object and reposition the view so that the element is in the middle of the view.

I noticed that the zoom function of the selected area is missing. The zoom works in relation to the artboards. It works relative to all the artboards in the file. So if you have two artboards, then you select one of them and do “Zoom to fit” you get a fit of two artboards, not one as expected.

But this is not very painfully in my opinion. I really need “Zoom to actual size”, which means Zoom to 100%. I can’t get it via shortcut or by entering a value manually.

Besides, I agree with @stefaniesoh that “Fit to artboard” is also needed.