Can't wait to try the new AI background feature!

Hey everyone, Just wanted to say how excited I am about the new AI background feature in Linearity!

As a huge fan of the app, this is a game-changer for my workflow. This AI feature is gonna be amazing for creating unique and interesting backgrounds and for print on demand store owners.

Can’t wait to see what I can create! Anyone else excited to try it out?

@Procreaters im excited! Thank you for sharing, is there somewhere I can find more info on this. Has this been released?

Not released yet, we are giving some early previews to Linearity Ambassadors and interested users!

Public launch will most likely be next week! If you‘re interested, I can send an invite to you too.

Hi @sam0711er,

I’m interested in this opportunity, is this sill available?

Hey @Dom, we currently expect a release later this week. At this point I‘d advise to wait until the feature has been released publicly. I‘ll let you know once it’s out!


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