Can't export my SVG without a subscription?

Was told that the app was free, but can’t find a way to export my svg without paying? Am I missing something? I haven’t used up my 3 files–I’ve created a single SVG and can’t get it out of the app with my free subscription. What am I doing wrong, or was the app simply falsely advertised?

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You’re not missing anything. This is just another rug-pull from Linearity in the last couple of months. “Surprise, we’re taking away the option to export vector files from your vector editor”

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Thanks for the reply. Unbelievable. I’ve deleted the app and started using Adobe Express’s actually FREE SVG converter for my PNGs. It’s at h t t p s colon forward slash forward slash w times three adobe dot com forward slash express forward slash feature forward slash image forward slash convert forward slash svg, and it’s been working really well.

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It’s possible that exporting SVG files requires a premium subscription beyond the free tier. I suggest reaching out to customer support for help.

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