Can’t show rotation degrees

Hi. I can’t solve this problem. I googled everywhere but i found no solutions. If I activate rotation mode, during rotation, the app shows cartesian coordinates x and y instead of the angle in degrees.
Can you help me? Certainly it’s my fault but i cannot fix this.
Thanks a lot

Hey there @Ilperons and welcome to the Community Forum!

May I ask are you trying to view the degree of rotation for a selected object or for the entire artboard?


Hi. I want to select one object and rotate it in rotation mode after setting the center of rotation.
Thanks a lot

Confirmed (on iPad).

Using standard mode of the Selection tool and the orange rotation handle of a selected object shows degrees the object has been rotated (only uses the centre of the bounding box, can’t change this rotation point).

Using the Rotate Model of the Select tool with a selected object (the only way you can set the rotation point)does not show a rotation value, but instead shows x and y values (possibly useful, depending on context, but degrees of rotation would also be useful in some contexts).

Note: Using Rotate Mode with the Node Tool allows you to change the rotation point, but does not display any changing values, neither degrees of rotation nor x and y values.

Thanks a lor to everybody.