can i use ipad as a input device for my mac mini for vectornator

I like this program to replace adobe illustrator.
I want to know is that possible to use ipad with the pen as the input device to control for the mac mini that run vectornator, if that the case I can work on the big screen instead of the size of ipad?
if not what is a good wacom model recommend?
any suggestion.

Yes, with possible limitations.

Apple Sidecar

Astropad Standard (once-only payment, but limited features)

Astropad Studio (subscription, more/better features)

Luna Display (hardware solution)

Duet Pro (subscription)

A nice (and recent) review comparing their positives and negatives

Another (even more recent) comparison review


Great idea @ButlerToCats :call_me_hand:


It’s too bad you didn’t include Vectornator in the list of drawing apps at the bottom of your article, Tim (How-To-Geek).