Boolean inaccurate on outlined curves

Doing a Boolean to subtract the red from the orange in Linearity Curve on these previously outlined shapes produces very inaccurate results: (3.6 KB)

I had to go to other software to get usable results.

Pls try updating the app

it’s updated

Can you please explain with more detail what is the issue? and what is the inaccuracy you are facing? I tried the file and I was able to subtract the elements, I was not able to identify the inaccuracy issue you mention. I send a video attached

Yes, upon closer inspection you are correct. The problem doesn’t lie with the boolean, but rather before the red curves were originally converted from curves to outlines. Apparently, a protruding square end cap extends linearly instead of following the curve path, which I wasn’t aware of and which produced the ugly kinks I only noticed at the end of the process…

Other software does this too, so to get the clean result I want, I needed to go into a software which is able to extend the curves along their paths, and then outline and boolean so that the caps are not a part of the boolean result.

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