Blur horizontal bug

Hello I been using Linearity for a long time, back when it was verctorinator and I love how far it has come!

I have ran into bugs before but they get fixed before I can report them until now, I have ran into a bug witch seems have gone unnoticed, I am not sure what to call it but it happens when I blur an line like object and it is horizontal it shrinks to the left side of my screen, longer the line like object gets the worse it seems to get.

Here a video if it helps

and the file as well
Lightning.curve (59.7 KB)

Note I have gotten this bug on my iPad Pro 12.9, Macbook Pro, iPhone pro 12.

It has been here for a little bit and it is driving me crazy! I need to add the blur affects to make my lightning, it does not seem to happen when it is vertical though.

Some of my lightning

I have not found a work around so far so I am hoping this helps it gets fixed soon, please and thank you.

  • Loki The Witful