Auto animation rotating but no obvious place to remove rotate

Hi there. I’ve imported two images. The first image starts with 4 circles and the second image are pill shaped images…the idea being that the circle would elongate to become a pill shape. Tried Auto animate and a custom morph animation but a rotate is put in each time so you can see the original circle image sticking out from the pill shape rather than growing out from it in a straight line. I can’t see any ‘rotate’ animation applied in the timeline to remove. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @dave_break , thanks for reaching out with your question :wave:

To better assist you, could you please share the file in .move format or provide some screenshots or a screen recording? This will help me to offer more specific advice.

To save the file in .move format, you can click on the “File” menu and then select “Share.”

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve created and helping you find a solution!

Thanks so much Nadya. I’m brand new to Linearity and trying to figure out if it will be workable for me. I’ve attached the .mov file……you’ll see as the dots transition to the longer pill shape there is a point where they move out of line because they are rotating but what I’d like is for them the left pair to come straight down and the right pair to come straight up.
Uploading: LOGO…

Hey @dave_break , sorry, the file wasn’t attached. Could you please try again? Alternatively, you can send it to

Ah ok…just sent it across to the support email now.

@dave_break, I’ve just sent you a reply via email. I hope it’s helpful!