Assigning css classes to elements or layers

I haven’t been able to find any info on this topic.

I need to assign css classes to elements or layers, for targeting in web design.
It is important enough that I would purchase a different app, which would mean leaving Vectornator behind.

A simple and cheap app employing this functionality very effectively is Boxy SVG in the “meta” tab. (Both classes and IDs can be assigned)

I cannot imagine that this awesome app, Vectornator, doesnt have this functionality.
Please tell me I am wrong and point me how to do this :slight_smile:

Thanks a stack!

Hi, you can do that, but only with layers. If you set a Layer name, later you will find it in the svg:

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for objects. So you just need to put one object into one layer.

Thanks Alex I will give it a go. It seems like that would be the ID tag.

May I make a feature suggestion to add functionality to assign css classes? In my opinion Vectornator would then be the best of them all.

Thanks for a great product guys