Another macOS version bug: spin control disappears in Grid Spacing

Related to my previous post about a definite, awful, obvious bug in the macOS version that prohibits using a Grid Spacing of 1 cm…

When I have created a canvas of 12 cm wide by 8 cm high (or, it seems, any other size using cm as units) and when already chosen View > Units > Centimeters and then open View > Grid Settings, and when I see there in the Spacing control the entry 0.71 cm …

As I move the mouse pointer into that text entry box, I briefly see the “spin control” up/down arrows that ought to allow increasing or decreasing the number. But theose up/down arrows immediately disappear, leaving the unwanted 0.71 cm as the entry.

(And as my previous post said, if I type 1 cm manually into the entry field and click Confirm, nonetheless, the grid spacing shows as around three-quarters of a centimeter. And indeed, if I re-open the View > Grid Settings window, the entry for spacing has automatically been changed by the app to 0.71 cm.)

Hey @murray , thank you for pointing this out. The issue with the disappearing arrows is part of the problem with the grid settings. All noted :writing_hand:

We appreciate your patience and your detailed feedback.