Animation export is disabled

Hello guys!
Something is wrong with export option. Previously I have exported similar animation without troubles. But when I try to do it now, the export button is just greyed out. How can I fix it?
Thank you!

Hey @Veneda , sometimes, the rendering process can take a bit longer, especially for more complex animations. Just to get a better idea, could you let me know how long it usually takes before the export button becomes available again? Or does it stay greyed out indefinitely?

A screen recording of what you’re experiencing would be super helpful for us to dig deeper into this. Also, could you share how long your video is? That might give us some clues as well.

The video is 20 sec. And it contains the minimalistic shapes only. It’s quite primitive. I waited about two or three minutes, the Export button way greyed up, and after that the process ended with the error message.

@Veneda , this is indeed a frustrating issue :thinking:

Could you please share your device model, device OS version, and Linearity Move version? Additionally, having diagnostic files would be helpful (you can find them under Homescreen > Linearity Profile > About). You can send this information here or to

IPad Pro (12,9 inches) A1652
IPadOS 16.7.4
LM ver. 1.1.2
Sorry, I could not find the diagnostic files. Is this path for the desktop app maybe?
Restarting IPad and closing other apps did not help (

Hey @Veneda , could you try lowering the export resolution to see if that makes a difference?