Allow me to turn off your cloud thing

i don’t want to use linearity cloud. How do I turn it off?


Hi @user139, thank you for reaching out! We appreciate your feedback. With the latest update, Linearity Cloud account creation has become a mandatory step. There isn’t an option to turn off Linearity Cloud.

While an account is required, you can still work on your projects locally without immediate syncing to Linearity Cloud. When you’re online, you can sync your documents to Linearity Cloud. I understand concerns about this change, and want to assure you that it sets the stage for exciting upcoming features.

I’m here to address any questions you might have. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

This is terrible! Why do I need one of your accounts?

Guess what. I don’t.

I’d rather use another app than follow your arbitrary rule “account creation has become a mandatory step”


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That is not the problem. I can easily create a cloud account (although I don’t need yet another one). The problem is that I work with confidential data, and am legally not allowed to upload this to a cloud. Making uploading files mandatory is something completely different than creating an account that offers the option to upload files.
What shall people do that must keep their data local? Other than change to the competition such as Amadine?


Amadine Vector Graphics app. Never heard of it until now. Thanks for the info. I think i should switch apps. I can’t be uploading the maps I’m making due to confidentiality concerns.


It wouldn’t be fair to include a list of the better alternatives in the linearity forum. But there are plenty of forums where you can find such lists. And if you average them, Curve has slipped to a place in the 20s since the Cloud update. (before that vectornator was in 4th place on average)

“It wouldn’t be fair to…” - tell that to the people at Linearity who decided to take away a basic and essential feature, the local-only storage of files, from an app I have paid for. The thing is: we as users have the choice. Do we want to support a company that strips their app of basic features, or don’t we want to support this? I have restored the older version of Curve from my TimeMachine backup, and will keep it around until the people at Linearity make up their mind and restore local-only files. There is no way I will (and legally can) use cloud storing of my confidential files. If they don’t restore it, I will move on to the competition, and I guess I will be only one member of a big crowd that does so.


@frofa We are extremely aware of the demand and the feedback around this change. I do believe the decision impacted users like you who rely on local storage. Therefore, your choice to revert to the older version is understandable. Rest assured, we’re actively reviewing any feedback and evaluating our choices.

As I said, either the local-only storage of files comes back, or I must quit using the program. I like Curve, and I would like to continue using it, but this is not an option when it is illegal. So, on my side I have already “evaluated my choices”, and I hope you are not only “aware” of the problems you created, but act to revert the terrible decision for mandatory upload of files. Keep the cloud as an option, and I will praise you for it!

@frofa I truly appreciate your loyalty to Curve. We’re actively considering all feedback, including the necessity of local storage. While I can’t guarantee an immediate change, please know that we’re continuously assessing how to improve the user experience, and your thoughts play a significant role in that.

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but the mistrust will not go away even with a return of local files! with the decision to go to the cloud, linearity has proven that it can/will do anything to the disadvantage of users if it is an advantage to Linearity! Linearity implements restrictions spontaneously and without warning.

so why should I stay with linearity if I have already found an alternative to (what is not to hard work!)? displaced users are gone, forever.

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Join to the question. I need my files on the local store. First of all, if I do not have Internet connection, and all my cloud files are unreachable. And it happens!! Please, return this possibility in the next update!
Searching for new app… Any ideas?

What app did you find? I must make some posters immediately and now I’m in big, big problem

that I cannot connect to Internet or your servers are down… Really exciting. Please, turn off this terrible cloud!

Remove the cloud, we don’t want it. Stop trying to forcefully introduce features that you can later bill on them. Try innovating features that would want me to subscribe.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us!

Currently, there aren’t any plans to revert back to the previous system without Linearity Cloud. This change sets the stage for both our apps to operate more seamlessly and enhances collaboration between them.

I can assure you that your feedback is heard and incredibly valuable; it has been properly addressed within the Linearity team.