Add a new node at the midpoint of a line

First post. What a fantastic app!! But the very first thing I need to do is accurately ( ie vector precision) divide a line at the midpoint ( and ideally in thirds, quarters etc). I have googled and googled but can’t find a hint to what seems basic. Help!!

Hi Robertclara, here how you can achieve that:

  1. Get a length of a line, let’s say it will be 400
  2. Calculate what length it will have after dividing by 5, 4, 3, 2
  3. In our case it will be 200, 133.3333, 100 and 80
  4. Use the Line tool and hold the Shift key on MacOS to create a straight line, or hold a screen with another finger on iOS.
  5. Set line width and only after it’s x and y coordinates

Here is a video:

If you need to snap a vertical line into end of each divided line you can achieve that by turning on Smart Guides in View menu.