About the Ideas & Feedback Category

We love feedback. Especially yours. And it gets even better when we get to hear your ideas too!

Of course, we monitor all our channels for your feedback but we also want to dedicate this whole channel to you and your ideas and suggestions.
Please use this thread to share product feedback, product-related ideas, feature requests, and requests for specific content.

We aim to build our product along your needs and visions but we cannot make any guarantees or promises that we implement your ideas into the product. However, to get a better idea about the most requested features/ideas you have the ability to vote, like, and comment them. :heart:


Please add adobe illustrator’s ‘Smooth Tool’ function.

Hi @Davidmin,

please share your request as a new post in the #ideas-feedback category. This way, users can vote for your idea.
This post “About the Ideas & Feedback Category” is only to inform the community about the category.

Thank you and best!